Jeff Ryan


Books about how Carrie Fisher made Princess Leia Star Wars' rebel hero, and about the secret history of Marvel Comics' Spider-Man.

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Jeff Ryan is the author of the #1 bestseller SUPER MARIO: HOW NINTENDO CONQUERED AMERICA, A MOUSE DIVIDED: HOW UB IWERKS BECAME FORGOTTEN AND HOW WALT DISNEY BECAME UNCLE WALT, FATHER AND SON ISSUES: THE SECRET HISTORY OF SPIDER-MAN, and YOUR WORSHIPFULNESS: STARRING CARRIE FISHER AS PRINCESS LEIA. He got his start reviewing video games for a defunct dotcom website, then started chronicling the lives of the world's greatest fictional characters, and their creators. He lives with his family in Bloomfield, NJ.

Trivia: Jeff has 

--found a mistake in a dictionary when he was ten
--been told by Neil DeGrasse Tyson to stop Vogue-ing
--learned the secret of Porky Pig's stutter
--beaten the world's greatest video game player (at Cranium, but still)

--written horror stories for NPR's All Things Considered

--once cleaned up a cheesequake


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