The best superhero story of all time has never been told...until now.

Spider-Man’s millions of fans know his origin by heart: he got bitten by a radioactive spider. But like so many Daily Bugle headlines, it’s wrong.


FATHER AND SON ISSUES is the real story of someone with a great power, and a great responsibility. That man, friendly neighborhood John Romita, was the best comics artist no one had ever heard of. After Spider-Man’s creators had a falling out, Jazzy John (as Stan Lee called him) had to become the new tale-spinner for the web-spinner.


John’s take on Spider-Man made Spidey the biggest star at Marvel, and Marvel the biggest name in comics. He drew from his own tenement upbringing, and co-created rivals like the Kingpin and the Punisher. Comics was a world where the biggest villains were often the publishers, so the very last thing he wanted was for his son John Romita Jr. to follow in his footsteps. But like father, like son.


Follow the unstoppable Romita family, and their “adopted son” Peter Parker, as they swing from the gutters to the rooftops. They’ve endured decades of trials, an interlaced web of loyalty vs friendship, art vs commerce, ambition vs security, and good vs evil.


FATHER AND SON ISSUES will make a perfect Father's Day present for any geek dad.